Thursday, December 7, 2006

This is MY house!

So three of my Amma friends (call them Paul, Sam and Elaine) and I get together at a vegan restaurant very close to where I live in Vienna, VA. Its a very cold evening. After a delicious dinner that includes two kinds of seaweed salad and lots of other good stuff, we're debating what to do next. I casually suggest that they can come over to my place and enjoy the hottub (nothing better than a hottub on a chilly winter night!). I'm very casual in case Elaine is uncomfortable with the suggestion (being a SNAG (sensitive new age guy) I have a phobia about coming on too strong to a female; usually this is a good thing but occasionally I can be a little too careful). It turns out that F is totally fine with the idea. So we pile into the car and make the short drive over to my place. We go down into the basement and as we're getting ready to strip down, Sam (a young male of about 28 yrs) begins to shyly express some indirect concern about the impending nudity. So rather than Elaine (a young and very attractive female) being concerned, Sam is. I find this kind of humorous, but I don't say anything. Elaine is happy to make sure that Sam is comfortable. I find some swim trunks for Sam and a long T-shirt for Elaine. As they're getting dressed the conversation is wandering around and I mention the condo I own and am currently renting out. Suddenly Sam pops up and says in a loud voice "Yea, and once in a while Advait goes there, knocks on the door and says "This is MY house!" I find this to be hilarious! I ask Sam what was the inspiration for this funny outburst. He looks down sheepishly and says something like "I dunno, I guess weird ideas just pop into my head." I love Sam's wacky sense of humor. Soon we pile into the hottub and spend the next 2 hours happily sharing stories about our guru Amma and our adventures in our search for God and enlightenment. Wonderful!

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