Thursday, November 5, 2009

2009 11 05. Thursday.

One thing that I've come to rely on here in India is my IronKey secure USB stick. If you plan to do any kind of internet banking or anything like that here in India, I definitely recommend getting an IronKey. Once you understand how to use them properly, they are very, very secure. Check out for all the details. The IronKey allows you to go to any computer and surf the net securely with its own private VPN. It can also store all your website passwords and you can open it in a read-only mode so it can't be written to.

David (who lives a few doors down from me) has a cellular internet card for his PC and he let me install it on my laptop. Cool. Now when he's not using it he said I could use it. Tried it and it seems to work pretty well. Internet is kind of slow but manageable. Gotta keep feeding my internet addiction! I need to do some research on composting issues so having easy access to the net will help with that seva.

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