Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2009 11 25. Wednesday.

Had another meeting of the Communications Skills Group this morning. Just Rachel and I up in her room. She shared about her recent experiences with pancha-karma (an Ayurvedic holistic healing process) and I shared (in a rambling fashion) a bit more details about my childhood, young adult years, family dynamics, relationships and some of my experiences with Gene's groups between 2000 and 2009. My experiences with Gene's groups and some other similar groups could fill a whole book with all kinds of juicy stories.

After the compost work I met for the 2nd time with the 1st year biotech master's students about the research project they want to do on the compost. Turns out they want to focus their work on how EM can help the compost process. EM stands for "Effective Microorganisms". You can google it for more details. EM is a proprietary mix of beneficial microorganisms that are supposedly effective for lots of different cleaning and health applications. The westerners use it quite a bit here at the ashram for all kinds of things. There's a lot of people around the world who swear by EM, but there isn't a lot of scientific data on it. We tried using it in our compost, but it didn't seem to do much, it costs money and it was a pain to make. So we stopped using it. The students will contact me next week to present the details of how they'll focus their research.

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