Thursday, November 19, 2009

2009 11 19. Thursday.

Yesterday the fake American sadhu came up to me speaking some kind of Vedantic Vaishnava babbling. Just for fun, to everything he said I replied "Everything is Krishna." This got him flustered (my intention) and he regaled me with more Vedantic babbling about how saying "Everything is Krishna." is not correct. I just replied with a shrug and said "Everything is Krishna." to his increasing frustration (and my increasing amusement). Well, this morning he walked by me rolling his eyes and waving his arms saying "Everything is compost! Everything is compost!" I laughed! The guy is totally loopy and sometimes brilliant.

After breakfast I went to the computer room to catch up on some emails and compost research. Swami Jnanamrita was there also with a lot of small Amma pictures on the screen (I think one of his jobs is to help with the Amma website). The ashram doctor was also there checking his email. After a while the ashram doctor pulls Swami J into a very lively and abstract discussion about the nature of enlightenment. It went on for a while and it was quite interesting to listen to. I was rooting for Swami J, of course. The doctor was pretty insistent about his points and it seemed to me that Swami J thought the dialog was becoming too intellectual and abstract. After a while Swami J kind of stopped responding to the doctor and the dialog fizzled out. During their dialog my egoistic mind was filled with all kinds of totally brilliant and insightful advaitic things I could say in response to their points, but I definitely knew to keep my mouth shut. People already suspect I'm a fool. Why open my mouth and prove them right? Few things I enjoy more than a good lively discussion on advaita.

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