Monday, November 16, 2009

2009 11 16. Monday.

A week or so ago I spoke to one of the teachers at the Amma BioTech college about a possible student project involving the compost. He invited me to give a brief talk today to some of the 4th year biotech students about the compost work and some possible projects. One idea I thought of would be to research if there's some natural substance that can help the woodchips break down more quickly in our compost piles. I mentioned all the research currently being done on cellulosic ethanol focused on how to efficiently break down things like corn stalks, etc for ethanol production. Some students came to me after the talk and said they're interested in the project and have some ideas for enzymes which may do the job. Hopefully I'll meet with them soon to get into the details.

After my talk with the students it was lunch time and they were very nice to let me grab some food in the faculty lunch room. They had a whole bag of papadams there! Yum! Papadams are a very tasty crunchy lentil snack. They look like a really big potato chip. Did I mention they're deep fried? The best part of all. The other teachers had to leave for their classes so I was alone in the room finishing my lunch. I had to practice some serious self restraint not to eat a lot more of the papadams. Still had more than my fair share. Greasy, salty and crunchy; a match made in heaven.

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