Monday, November 9, 2009

2009 11 09. Monday.

At around 6pm, just before I had to leave for my trip to Sri Lanka, it started pouring rain. Pooh! I waited a few moments and it slowed down a little bit. Then I huddled under my umbrella and quickly walked over to the place across the foot bridge to where the auto-rickshaws are and grabbed one and buzzed off to the nearby train station at Karunappaly. I got kind of wet but dried off after a while. My Indian visa expires in 2015 but I have to leave India once every 6 months to keep it current. At the train station I met someone else from the ashram. A pleasant surprise. He's an American from California and was going to Trivandrum same as me. We got there around 10pm and shared an auto-richshaw to the airport. We had a nice time chatting on the ride down. We shared a lot about our experiences of meeting Amma and having Her become our Guru. Always fun to trade Amma stories. His flight was at 3am and mine is at 9:30am, so we said goodbye at the airport and I went to a nearby grungy but cheap guest-house to catch some sleep.

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