Monday, June 1, 2009

2009 06 01. Monday.

2009 06 01. Monday.

As I went to get my afternoon chai, the ocher robed swami I feel drawn to was slowly walking around that area, smiling a beautiful, quiet smile and chatting with some of the Indians. For some reason, he's very compelling for me. Whenever I see him I just want to stare at him. Don't know what it is. Had the same feeling when I was here last time. Maybe he was one of my gurus in a past life. Who knows? I wonder if he speaks English?

Me: "Hey Swami, do mind if I stand nearby and just stare at you? And maybe massage your feet?"

Mystery Swami (backing away from me slowly): "Can we get security over here?"

This afternoon I felt a strong desire not to be alone in my room during bhajan period. A strong and clear pull to go and join the men's bhajans. Bhajans for men happen every evening in the big hall from 6:15-8pm. When I was here last time, I felt a strong desire to stay in my room and listen to bhajans by myself on my MP3 player. All of sudden there's a reversal of that old feeling. The last time I was here there was no amplification for the men's bhajans. Thus it sounded very weak a puny in the big hall. Their voices just got swallowed up in the vast space. Now its amplified and it sounds A LOT better. I can hear the bhajans clearly. Much nicer. It felt very good to be out of my room and with them while they were singing. They had tablas, harmonium and a synthesizer. The synthesizer sounded really good and the singers all had nice voices with good emotional expression. I felt some devotional feelings and was having fun trying to visualize Amma or Krishna standing in front of us with flowers from the hearts of everyone there flying up to land on Amma or Krishna. They also did a Rama bhajan so I tried to visualize Rama with his bow and arrow and Sita.

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