Sunday, June 21, 2009

2009 06 21 Sunday.

2009 06 21 Sunday.

Skipped the afternoon compost to post blog entries and catch up on email and other errands. I emailed my compost pile data collection draft proposal to Peter Ash. I look forward to getting his comments. Should be an interesting project if it actually gets approved and moves forward. If it does move forward I can guarantee all kinds of interesting leelas which will keep the blog spicy and juicy. If it doesn't move forward, I'll have to start making stuff up. Wait a minute, I'm already doing that. Little did you know that the ashram is just my Indian version of Lake Woebegone. Doesn't matter if its true or not as long as its entertaining. In reality I'm living a debauched life at the Indian version of Las Vegas. Playing the tables and getting pawed by the hot hostesses.

*cringe and shudder!* Definitely not the life for me.

108 Names mystery solved; I spoke to Ramesh and he gave me the details. In the Hindu astrology system (called jyotish) Amma's birthstar (Karthika) comes around about once a month. And on that day they recite the 108 Names of Amma before the 1,000 Names stotram. As long as they have a good reason, I'm happy. They also do a Karthika puja in the evening with homa, mantras, bhajans, etc. It was wrapping up as I was drifting off to sleep. Good timing. This Amma worship stuff is all well and good but it shouldn't interfere with my sleep. Let's keep our priorities straight.

At the dinner line this evening I ran into Cameron and told him I enjoyed the DVD he gave me of his two animated Amma children's stories. He said he's done a screenplay of one of his Amma children's books and is looking for someone with film business experience. I said I spoke to someone a week ago who's in that line of work. I happen to glance behind Cameron and that person was right there. Very fortuitous coincidence. I introduced them to each other and they walked off happily chatting. Maybe I should charge Cameron a finder's fee.

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