Saturday, June 20, 2009

2009 06 20. Saturday.

2009 06 20. Saturday.

Had a nice talk with Antara this morning at breakfast. Before breakfast they showed a live video feed of the Amma Atma Puja in Los Angeles (its a special high energy ritual Amma does toward the end of Her programs in America and Europe). While she was watching it, Antara said she had some very powerful feelings of connection with Amma. She said that she was crying tears of devotion and joy at feeling such a deeper connection. It was very inspirational to hear her share.

At the compost work today there was a lot of plastic trash in the food waste from the kitchen. Peter got pretty annoyed at all the trash because no one is supposed to put plastic in the food waste. Especially in the main kitchen. Peter complained to one of the yellow robed brahmacharis. He was getting worked up for good reason; it is a total pain in the butt to pull the plastic out of the food waste.

Toward the end of the compost work today Peter, as usual, was still working really hard. His energy is amazing. At one point Peter pointed to the front of his sweat soaked shorts and said "It looks like I peed my pants! I quickly pointed to my dirt covered pants and replied "It looks like I did the other!" Peter and the yellow robed brahmachari with us laughed. At 4pm they brought a bucket of sweet hot chai and some delicious pastries. I stuffed myself and had 3 cups of chai. So good after the hard work. They're building a shade cover over the compost piles so we're now mostly working in the shade which makes it much better.

Unexpected Change Alert! Out of the blue they did Amma's 108 Names before the 1,000 Names stotram. I'll have to show up a little earlier at the evening program now to catch the 108 Names. I had some real nice bliss during the bhajans. Very sweet. Perhaps my overdose of chai at the end of composting today played a contributing role. Maybe a little chai buzz still happening. Whatever the reason it felt wonderful.

"Everything is smaller than the warm OK-ness." -John DeRuiter.

At dinner they served spiced rice powder which I've never seen here before. Was really good when mixed with some hot rice water.

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