Wednesday, June 24, 2009

2009 06 24. Wednesday.

2009 06 24. Wednesday.

I asked Murtena about taking 1 or 2 days off a week from the garbage sorting so I could go everyday to the compost. He was very agreeable and said it should work no problem. Definitely like working with him.

At the garbage sorting area I saw Latunan looking intently at a little red ant that was on a piece of paper he was holding. Latunan is quiet young Danish guy whose parents are devout Tibetan Buddhists. I looked closer and saw that the ant was casually cleaning its antenna. In a gentle voice, Latunan said "If I had little tiny lips I would kiss you." I thought that was an interesting thing to say so I said "Careful, that kind of stuff goes into my blog." Latunan just smiled and continued looking at the ant.

A hard day's work at the compost pile. In addition to making the usual new pile, we had to turn one of the bigger piles. Which means we had to shovel the pile to be turned onto one of the other piles. Lots of hard work, but the Indians were doing most of it. A compost pile needs to be turned and mixed once in a while so it gets recharged with oxygen. Peter was gone today (he normally supervises the work). He's traveling with Swami Jnanamrita to some organic farming project. Lucky guy. I'd love to travel with Swami J. Although he'd probably have me up at 4am and keep me working until midnight. Let's see; hang out with my beloved Swami J or get a good night's sleep? Tough choice. Needs some careful thought. Let me sleep on it.

I and Mukhunda (one of the yellow robed brahmacharis) were directing the construction of the new pile. They've seen me talking a lot with Peter and taking notes, so it seemed they were expecting me to help with the direction and supervision. Its a pretty straightforward process so it went smoothly. And lots of the Indians now know just as much as I do about the process. I got really sweaty during the work lifting the big buckets of food waste and helping to turn the other pile. Some nice sweet chai and cake was served after the work was done. I was the only westerner there at that point, all the rest were Indians. They definitely enjoy joking and playing around a lot. Felt nice to sit, rest, sip chai and watch them horse around. Another group of Indians on the other side of the field were starting the daily 4:30pm volleyball game with their usual high enthusiasm.

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