Thursday, July 2, 2009

2009 07 02. Thursday.

2009 07 02. Thursday.

I wanted to get some info on local places to do soil analysis and they said to speak to Swami Jnanamrita. Svayam went with me this morning to Swami J's room and he went right in. Wow. Apparently he and Swami J have worked together a lot. Svayam called for Swami J and a voice came from behind a door at the back of the room. Then Svayam said "He's on the toilet. It will be a few moments." Oh, thats just great. Now I'm pestering my beloved Swami J while he's trying to use the bathroom. I ask Svayam if I should come back later. He waggles his head and says "No. No. Please be waiting here." Swami J then comes out wearing only his top and greets me with a smile. He doesn't appear annoyed. Good. I ask about the soil analysis and he gives me another name to contact. Then I ask him if its OK for me to use the boys computer room for my compost seva work and to keep in contact with Peter Ash. He waves his hand, waggles his head and says "Sure. No problem." I give him a namaste gesture and we trade some big smiles and I take my leave.

Later that morning Murtena came to me slightly flustered and asked why I haven't been at the garbage sorting seva. I replied "I told the seva people a few days ago that they wanted me full time on the compost seva. Didn't they tell you?" Murtena replied "No. No one told me." I was frustrated that they didn't tell him and I was frustrated at myself because I also should have told him. We spoke for a few minutes and I said I should have told him, but the seva people should have told him also. Murtena, being a very easy going guy, said "OK, no problem. I'll start looking for a replacement." I felt frustrated about the whole situation and I was beating myself up a little bit for not doing the right thing and telling him. And I was also frustrated with the seva people for not telling him and not getting a replacement like they're supposed to.

A few hours later before lunch I saw the main seva person and asked him why he didn't tell Murtena about me moving to compost seva. He got defensive and shot back asking why I didn't tell him. The conversation could have gone straight downhill but (with Amma's grace) I caught myself and steered it back to a more reasonable place. We both agreed that we should have told Murtena and left it at that. Afterwards I was feeling frustrated at myself again because there was no real reason to pester the seva guy about it. I had pretty much settled it with Murtena and I didn't need to bring it up with the seva person. I was thrown off kilter the rest of the day and felt annoyed with myself about the whole situation.

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