Friday, July 31, 2009

2009 07 31. Friday.

2009 07 31. Friday.

Got suckered in by an apparently fake American "sadhu". There's an American guy here about 35 years old who runs around dressed like an Indian sadhu (he even wears the brahmin sacred thread which I'm guessing annoys the hell out of some Indians). He cornered me in a conversation (he was doing all the talking) and then casually asked for 10 rupees for some yogurt. Being a soft-hearted (and often soft-headed) guy I said sure. A few minutes later one of the admin office westerners said not to give him any money because he often begs here and Amma has requested that no one beg at the ashram. Learned my lesson. Felt a little foolish.

Feeling kind of moody and vaguely annoyed today. Not sure what's going on. I definitely have to be extra aware and mindful not to get identified with the moodiness. In the past I would get pulled into it very easily. Now I think I can keep from getting pulled into it while still feeling it fully. Challenging practice! When I'm in this mood my mind wants to fight against things and generally be a pest.

At the Amma Arati they've been playing this drum with a strange sound. Sounds like a Jew's Harp. A very twangy sound. Its strange but I also like it quite a bit.

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