Thursday, July 9, 2009

2009 07 09. Thursday.

2009 07 09. Thursday.

I stopped by the western cafe to mention something to Murtena. He was having breakfast and I was standing next to him leaning over. As we were talking I suddenly heard a "whoosh!" and felt something drop on my head. Then an instant later a piece of toast fell into Murtena's breakfast plate, splattering food onto his bright white shirt. I quickly look up and see an eagle flying away. Apparently the toast it was carrying broke and fell. The eagle probably a second before had swiped the toast from someone's plate. With a sad expression, Murtena looked down at his splattered white shirt. Being Murtena, he just shrugged and took it all in graceful stride. He's probably seen the eagle swipe food a hundred times. Visions of me taking careful aim with a 12 gauge wide scatter shotgun flashed through my mind. Settle down Advait, its no big deal.

Someone later told me its not an eagle, its a kite. Looks exactly like a bald eagle to me.

Things have been kind of calm the past few days so I've been feeling good. Sometimes the good feeling will rise up kind of strongly and I'll almost feel a little hyper. I've experienced this many times. Now I'm watching it as carefully as I can and that seems to tone down the hyper energy, but the good feeling remains.

Today I finally got my official boy's computer room pass (signed and stamped, no less) from the ashram admin office. Now I can pop in there anytime and wave my pass around like I own the place. Cool.

"OK everyone. Here's my official pass. See? I'm just going to use this computer here."

(next scene is a shot of everyone else totally ignoring me)

While catching up on email in the boy's computer room I started hearing some Michael Jackson songs. Curious, I look behind me and see some Indians watching what appears to be a Michael Jackson retrospective video on YouTube or something similar. Kind of strange but I just go back to my work. After about a half hour I surf over to Google News to see if there's anything interesting going on (usually not). Then I see some headlines about plans for Michael Jackson's funeral. Wow. That's a surprise. After some more searching I discover he died back on June 25th. Wow. Almost 2 weeks ago. Apparently a prescription drug overdose. The parallels to Elvis are kind of spooky.

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