Saturday, July 25, 2009

2009 07 25. Saturday.

2009 07 25. Saturday.

With the Indians keeping me up late I got up late after 6am chai. Just for the heck of it I went to the kitchen to see if the chai pot was still available. I walked into the kitchen and one of the young Indian workers saw me and, without any prompting from me, pointed to the chai pot. Cool! That was nice. I gave the young kid a smile and filled my cup. Apparently its totally OK to come late after chai and help yourself. Now this is my kind of ashram!

I saw Helena the nurse and she looked at my foot and said its pretty much all healed. She's a European nurse at the ashram medical center and is very sweet and thoughtful. She really embodies Amma's compassion. She took good care of my foot and helped make sure it healed properly. I can't place her accent. Perhaps Danish or from one of those small western European countries.

I discovered that there's no x-ray machine here at the ashram medical center! Closest x-ray machine is about 30 minutes away. I'm putting out a call to any rich Amma devotees to explore getting an x-ray machine here with the proper support equipment. Lots of people here getting banged up all the time and it would be great if they could get properly diagnosed. So you rich devotees get together and see what you can do. Would be a great service for the ashram.

I decided I need to move again. The Indian families on both sides of me are totally sweet and filled with Amma's love, but they have a hard time keeping quiet at night. I went to the admin office and found a room down the hall that is located between 2 single western ladies. Perfect! I'll take it! I got the key and started to move my stuff. Since its just down the hall its a pretty easy move.

I always try to be very, very polite and accommodating when I deal with the admin office. Its staffed by some very nice young western men (mostly from Europe) and they have A LOT of power when it comes to deciding where you will stay and other things. Definitely want to stay on their good side if you ever come here. Believe me, it will pay off. They can do you a lot of nice little favors if you have a good relationship with them. Just another example of my always scheming mind at work.

Before I came here I bought a really nice Leatherman multi-tool. It has turned out to be unbelievably handy and useful. Definitely one of the smartest things I brought here. If you ever come here make sure and get one. You will be very happy you did. I also got a small version of the Leatherman with a lot of smaller tools. Just as handy. Make sure and get both. I use them every day.

As I was moving my stuff down the hall Shakti Prasad's Mom saw me moving and asked me about it. I tried to be very polite and said I sleep early so its best I move so she and her kids don't have to always worry about waking me up. She's been with Amma a long time and radiates a lot of peace and joy. Very sweet presence.

The new room is definitely more quiet. Yay! having just a little more distance between me and the Indians really helps. Can still hear them but now not so loud. When I crank it up full blast, my ceiling fan drowns them out just enough.

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