Sunday, July 19, 2009

2009 07 19. Sunday.

2009 07 19. Sunday.

This morning I took a bin of rice cleaning water to the compost area to make some EM. One of the cows (the one they tell me is unpredictable and a little crazy) is lying down on the path to the shed. I parked my cart at a safe distance and was wondering how I was going to carry the heavy bin to the shed. Just at that moment a young Indian worker comes walking by. Perfect timing! I motion to him and he quickly helps me carry the bin to the shed. Then walks away, stepping within a few inches of the crazy cow. The cow just totally ignores him, looking half asleep and happily chewing her cud while laying in the dirt. I think I'm slowly getting used to the cows.

At lunch today I was at the head of the line chatting with one of the other Americans who was also there. They brought the big food cart and, in addition to the usual stuff, set out a pot of of idlis (delicious steamed rice flour discs that look like little white UFOs). At the ashram there is really big fat Indian guy who seems to have some mental problems. He waddles his huge belly up to the idli pot and starts filling his plate. One of the Indian servers starts yelling at him in Malayalam, apparently telling him to wait. The fat guy just ignores him. Then one of the other servers claps his hands very loudly right in the fat guy's face and yells some more. That seems to get his attention, but by this time his plate is filled with about a dozen idlis (two make a nice meal for me). The fat guy waddles off, staring hungrily at his huge pile of idlis. All the time this is happening the American guy and I are laughing, commenting and joking about the whole scene. Very funny.

Uh-oh! Time to move! Amma is coming in 3-4 days and they told me I have to more into another building soon. I was kind of expecting it so not much of a surprise. I will miss the E building! Its very nice and comfortable. I'm moving into a ground floor room which may mean lots of mosquitoes. Yuch! Some of the other guys have to move also and they were complaining bitterly about the mosquito issue. Amen brother! I'm with you.

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