Sunday, August 2, 2009

2009 08 02. Sunday.

2009 08 02. Sunday.

Sunday darshan is a big day here at the ashram. Lots and lots of Indians take the day off to come here and get darshan from Amma. The main hall was really packed around lunch time. With so many people I felt a little claustrophobic. Felt good to finish my lunch and get away from the crowds. One nice thing is they have a video camera on Amma with a good close shot of Her giving darshan. That is a real treat to watch. Amma has such wonderful expressions when She's giving darshan.

At compost today an old Indian man who lives in the neighborhood came by and spoke with one of the yellow robed brahmacharis (yerbs) for a while. The yerb said the old man is living with his son and his son is abusing him and not feeding him because the father refuses to give in to the son's demands concerning inheritance of the property. Hearing this got me angry that a child would abuse their parent just because of some property. We gave the old man some chai and snacks. I was told it was the first food he had in 2 days. He seemed like nice and intelligent old man.

A Spanish family moved into one of the rooms nearby. They have 2 young boys around 4 and 6. Those kids never shut up or stop shouting! Jeez. The younger boy kept shouting at the top of his lungs "Esto es un mosquito! Esto es un mosquito!" My God. Unbelievably annoying. I went there today and very gently asked them if they could be a little more quiet. The father seemed to have the attitude "Talk to them yourself. I can't do anything." Jeezus mister, why you have kids if you can't control them? I don't how the parents can stand the constant noise. I very gently asked the kids to be a little more quiet and it seemed to help for a little while. If I can learn to put up with this by golly I can handle anything.

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