Sunday, August 30, 2009

2009 08 30. Sunday.

Was feeling in a bit of a sour mood this morning as I went to get my chai. Its Sunday so there are lots of Indians here for darshan, and the crowds seem to get me annoyed. I got back to my room, finished my chai and did my morning sadhana and was feeling better. I was also feeling a little repentant for my sour mood. So at lunch I made a point of sitting right in the middle of a group of Indians. In my mind I was giving them an invitation to annoy me in some way so I could ignore it and let go of some old karma. Soon after I sit down and start my meal a large Indian lady dressed in purple and holding a baby sits next to me. The baby proceeds to start banging on my right arm, pulling my shirt and splashing a little water around. The other Indians nearby are looking at me to see my reaction. Little do they and the mother know that inside I'm smiling; thinking to myself "Yes! The perfect antidote for some of my stinky karma." I totally disregard the baby's pounding and just eat my lunch. After about 5 minutes the mother gets up and moves to another table with her daughter. Wait, I've got more stinky karma! Come back!

Turns out the ashram security cameras showed the person who stole Peter Ash's laptop from the boys computer room was dressed in swami clothes. They're certain this guy was a fake swami who dressed like that to get into ashrams and temples to steal stuff. He gave a phony address and a phony name when he registered here. Fake beards are easy and I wouldn't be surprised if he used one also.

Went to the doctors here this afternoon and they determined that when I cut my left pinkie I also cut the tendon that controls the tip of that finger. Ouch! That's not good. They said there's some good hand surgeons at Amma's big hospital (AIMS) in Kochin that can fix it up. I called and made an appointment for tomorrow. I went over and told the guys at the compost area about the situation and one of the Indian men (Arun, a native of Kerala) said "I'm also going to AIMS tomorrow morning. We can travel together." Darn! I really prefer to travel alone but it looks like its my karma to travel with this guy. He's a very nice man who helps out a lot at the compost area. We've talked briefly a few times but no real connection. I usually really don't like traveling with people I'm not really connected to. I hate making casual conversation. Oh, well. We'll see how it goes. We both love Amma so maybe that will make a nice connection. My plan is to do a lot of mantra japa so we won't have to talk. His English is pretty good.

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