Tuesday, August 11, 2009

2009 08 11. Tuesday.

One of the usual food waste items they bring to the compost area are the chai tea grounds. Before I throw them onto the pile, I like to grab a handful and take a deep sniff. They smell really good. The other Indians there like to tease me when I do this (one of the reasons I do it). Seeing me enjoy the smell of the tea grounds, one of the Indians said to me "You have to let go of what you like the most!" I replied "I like Amma the most!" The Indian man just smiled a big smile and shrugged. The others laughed. Then I quickly added "Amma is the chai of my heart!" They laughed again. That crazy American will say anything...

Later, after the compost work two of the Indians were drumming under the metal roof that covers all the compost piles. It was really loud! The metal roof seemed to amplify the sound. I had some work to do and the drumming was driving me nuts. Finally I motioned them to stop and asked if they could drum outside. I tried to tell them when they drum under the roof its really too loud. I think they were kind of miffed at my request. I debated on whether or not to try to gently reiterate why it was so loud, but I decided to just let it go and if they were miffed at me, well, so be it.

Soon after that a group of local Indian ladies came by to complain about the smell of the compost. They spoke to the two yellow robed brahmacharis there. At first I thought it would be a big problem. Later I found out they also complained loudly about the cowshed built nearby, but soon they got used to it and no more complaints. Probably same will happen with the compost.

On the way back to my room from the compost I saw Swami Jnanamrita walking alone down the path. I chose not to look at him but at the last minute my head popped up and I gave him a quiet smile. It seemed he quickly looked away and didn't want to meet my glance. My mind made up all kinds of stories. I worked on just being aware of them as stories and letting them go. I've got a lot of "look at me!" vasana in my consciousness. Being here is helping me see it and let it go.

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