Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2009 08 19. Wednesday.

Went by the Admin office and put in my request to move. People have been telling me that the N building is pretty quiet so I told them I'd like to move there. Please have a room open soon!

Went to the Engineering College this afternoon after the compost work to give my 2nd composting class to some of the young Indian Green Friends students there. My clothes were pretty dirty but since I would be building another compost pile with them there was no need to change. On the way there I stopped by the Biotech College to see about getting some distilled water so I can do some compost pH testing. I was the only westerner around and with my dirty clothes I got a lot of looks from the Indian students. Couldn't be helped; I just ignored the looks. The compost class went pretty well. The kids seemed eager to learn and I had one of them take notes on the whole process so they can do it themselves next week. Strange how the Indian kids all wear really nice clothes to a compost workshop. I told them its better to wear seva clothes.

There is a serious amount of construction going on at the college campus, I saw at least 4 or 5 new big buildings going up. Its getting to be a really big campus!

A day ago I loaned my 16gb memory stick to Nityanan. We've been working on a compost presentation and he needed to put some files on it. He also said he would be leaving this evening. I told him just give it back to me at dinner. Well, dinner comes and goes and Nityanan never comes by. So after dinner I go to his room and its all locked up. Uh-oh. I start to get nervous. Replacing a 16gb memory stick in India would be pretty expensive. I start looking around and finally find him. Whew! Thank goodness. He gave the stick to one of the yellow robed brahmacharis who works with me in the compost. Now I just need to track him down. When I found him Nityanan and his wife are watching the end of today's Amma darshan on a big flat screen TV in the big hall. I sit down to watch also. An Amma pada puja is starting and the video camera is catching the whole thing up close. Really nice to see. They sing the Amma Arati during the pada puja.

As I was starting to go to sleep I hear this steady banging on the door next to my room. I poke my head outside and see a western lady banging on the door and calling out "Lindsey! Wake up! You locked me out!" I go back into my room assuming that this Lindsey person will wake up soon. Nope. No such luck. The banging and shouting keep going on and on. Jeez. I'm getting hit from all sides here. I go back outside in the hallway and tell the western lady she can go outside and call through the window. She said she tried that but was afraid to go to the area behind the building cause they're doing construction there and its pretty dangerous to walk around. I say "Well, let me try and see what I can do." I grab my flashlight, go out back and scramble over piles of broken cinder block and tree branches and finally get to Lindsey's room. I see her (a young girl about 18 years old) sound asleep in blue jeans and a dark t-shirt. I call out "Lindsey! Please open the door! You locked your Mom out!" She finally wakes up and opens the door. The Mom is waiting for me when I get back and thanks me profusely. I just say "No problem." and in my mind I'm thinking "Dear god, can I now finally get a little peace and quiet here?" Nope. Not yet. As I go back into my room the Indian ladies on the other side start jabbering away loudly even though its past 10pm (official quiet time). Sigh... Another long night.

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