Monday, August 17, 2009

2009 08 17. Monday.

Had a very nice talk at breakfast with Yuri today. He's a really nice young Polish renunciate who looks a lot like me. He's very passionate about making the ashram more environmentally friendly. He shared a lot of ideas and it was wonderful to see his passion for helping the ashram. He's very excited about the compost happening and he also (like me) desperately wants to see the ashram stop putting all its untreated sewage into the backwaters. He's done some research into biogas and wants the ashram to make a biogas plant to process all the human sewage here and make methane for cooking. I plan to talk with Peter Ash about this when he gets back. The strategy is for Peter to present the best biogas concept to Amma who will hopefully give it the go ahead. Yuri, like me, also loves the watery rice and never gets tired of it. Maybe something about watery rice and tall skinny guys go together.

Ram the male elephant is back and they're keeping him in the compost area. Scary. Everyone tells me that Ram is kind of crazy and unpredictable. Yeesh. Just what we need where I'm working. And Ram has gotten to be a pretty big full grown elephant since I last saw him. Lakshmi, however, is very sweet and I'm now comfortable enough to walk up and feed her directly into her mouth. Its cool to stand right next to an animal as big as her and stuff food in her mouth. I'm now saving good fruit from the waste food in a separate bin for her.

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