Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2009 08 05. Wednesday.

2009 08 05. Wednesday.

Took an auto-rickshaw to Kayankulam (about a 25 minute ride) this morning to a dentist recommended by Prabana. I had tried to call this dentist to make an appointment but could never get through. So I went there today expecting to just make an appointment. But the dentist (a nice Indian lady) had an opening available right then. Cool. I hopped into the chair and she slapped on some topical anesthetic and went to work. I got a full cleaning and a topical filling on a sensitive tooth with some exposed root surface. Came to 800 rupees total. About $17. She said my gums did not have any significant inflammation. Great news. I've had problems with gum inflammation for about 5 years so it looks like its finally clearing up. I also needed to get my eyeglasses fixed and a watch battery. On either side of the dentist office was a shop for each. Very convenient.

There was a young photographer at the compost work today taking lots of pics for some Amma student magazine.

A few days ago I asked the man who brings the chai after the compost work if he could also bring a cup of unsweetened chai. So now he's bringing a nice big cup everyday after the work. My taste buds definitely miss the sweet chai, but I seem to feel better drinking the unsweetened. My energy seems more steady afterwards; I don't seem to crash like I sometimes do. Sometimes I get real tempted for the sweet chai! But usually they have a sweet treat and that makes up for it. They asked me why I want the unsweet chai and I told them all of my older paternal relatives have diabetes so I probably have a strong genetic predisposition toward getting it myself. It took a while to make it clear to them that I don't actually have diabetes, just a predisposition.

An Indian business-man farmer Amma devotee has been visiting the compost area for a few days. After the chai break we started talking (actually me just listening) and he went on for a *long* time about his study of Kaballah and the mystic traditions of Drunvalo Melchezedhik and other Western mystical traditions. He was raised as a Kerala Christian and apparently has become totally fascinated by some Western mystical traditions. It seemed like he was trying to impart all his knowledge to me in one afternoon. Luckily when someone else asked him a question I found a little break to politely sneak away. I like to be a good listener but I gotta work on setting my boundaries. I gotta learn how to give off the vibe that I'm not a good listener. Seems like I get cornered by incessant talkers a little too often.

Went for Amma darshan in the Temple this afternoon after my shower. Very nice. I purchased an orange to make sure I'd have a little something to offer Amma. Always good to offer a little something to the Guru when getting darshan. This time Amma was giving darshan right in front of the Kali murti. I gave Her the orange, She wrapped me in Her arms and whispered some "My Darlings" in my ear and then it was all done. Its good for me to contemplate what an amazing treat it is to get Amma's darshan here at Amritapuri. Like reading stories of the gopis who were able to play and dance with Krishna in Vrindavan. We think of how amazingly blessed the gopis were but its good to realize that anyone who can get Amma's darshan has that same blessing. And it doesn't have to be physical darshan. Amma has said some of Her closest devotees are those She has not met in person.

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