Monday, August 3, 2009

2009 08 03. Monday.

2009 08 03. Monday.

They set out some chai at breakfast (a nice treat) so I had my usual half a cup. For some reason it made me unusually jittery. Normally the chai here doesn't feel very strong and doesn't have much effect on me in terms of caffeine or jitteryness. Maybe they made an extra strong batch. I was wired for about 2 hours after drinking it.

I found out the Spanish family near my room (with the very loud young boys) should be leaving soon. Yay! Watch them get replaced by an even louder group. Just the kind of thing Amma likes to do to test me. Its OK if I fail all of Amma's tests as long as I do it in a way to make Her laugh and smile.

The past week or so was cool with lots of rain so it was really nice to have a hot sunny day today. The showers are much more pleasant! The water is a little warmer and after working up a really good hot sweat at the compost work it feels actually good to take a cool shower. I definitely like it when it gets hot here.

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