Friday, August 7, 2009

2009 08 07. Friday.

2009 08 07. Friday.

OK, now it starts. The Indians who moved in next to me were talking most of the morning, although they were quiet during part of my morning sadhana time. I soon may have to remind them that official quiet times goes until 9am.

Went to the Ayurvedic Medical College after breakfast to register for the 2nd Monday each month eye camp. Of course its not happening in Aug so I have to come back next month. I needed a ride back to the ashram and the people at the College main gate just said "1 kilometer, 1 kilometer." Its actually about a mile back to the ashram and I didn't really want to walk that far in the Indian sun. I saw an auto-rickshaw near the gate with the driver sound asleep in the back seat. I gave him a bright and cheerful "Om Namaha Shivaya!" He sleepily opened one eye and gave me a look that said "Why in the hell are you bothering me?" I decided to totally ignore his look and asked "Ride to Vallikavu?" (the town next to the ashram) He just frowned, waggled his head and tried to go back to sleep. Little did he know what he was up against. He wasn't going to get off that easy. In an even brighter and more cheerful voice I asked "20 rupees to Vallikavu?" He gave me another look. I again ignored it and asked again. This went back and forth a few times until we got to the inevitable conclusion. With great effort and a few more rather grim glances to me, he crawled to the driver's seat and I hopped in the back. Off we went! To Vallikavu! We got there and I paid him 25 rupees. Definitely had to give the poor guy a tip after I so rudely interrupted his nap so he could do his job and earn a little money.

Had a long talk with yellow robe brahmachari Jagadan after the compost today. He talked for a long time about the value and power of Amma's 108 Names and the Sri Lalita archana (1,000 Names of the Divine Mother). Very informative.

Atman (a western man and long time Amma devotee who lives in Virginia) is the father of Para. I saw them many times at almost all of the Amma programs in America. I've spoken to Atman a few times but never got close to him. Atman showed up at the compost area a few days ago and said that Para had passed away back in April. Para had severe cerebral palsy and died from the complications of an operation. Para was confined to a big wheelchair bed. I saw Para get Amma darshan many times. Para almost always seemed to have a big smile. I was sad to hear that he passed away. I know many many Amma devotees will miss Para. In response to a question, Atman said that Amma said that Para became liberated (enlightened) after leaving his body. Br. Jagadan later invited me to the ceremony where they were going to put Para ashes in the ocean, but I declined since I don't know Atman that well. I didn't want to be there in case Atman wanted it to be a small private ceremony.

As I feared, my new Indian neighbors (a group of older brahmacharinis) talked loudly and continually as I was trying to fall asleep. I politely asked them to talk quieter and it seemed to help a little bit. In any case I'll probably need to move again so I can get a good night sleep. I really miss the E building where it was quiet! I could do sadhana almost any time there and it would be nice and quiet.

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