Thursday, August 13, 2009

2009 08 13. Thursday.

Coming back from the compost work today two young Indian ladies stopped me and asked me if I could identify an apple tree sapling. I told them I don't know how to identify different trees. They were very insistent, however. "Please come see the tree!" I shrugged and followed them. They took me to a healthy little tree sapling about 1 foot tall. They asked "Is that an apple tree?" I had no idea and in a gentle way told them so. I told them they could go to the eco-shop library and find a book on trees to see what it is. They said they got the seed from an apple that Amma gave one of them. They seemed disappointed that I wasn't an expert tree identifier. Sorry, ladies.

I went to the big hall for dinner around 7:45pm. They don't serve dinner till about 8pm, so I sat down to enjoy the Amma darshan video feed. Soon I see Padmanu walking by. He's a young Korean healer who lived down the hall when I was in the E building. We traded smiles and I continued watching the Amma video feed. A few seconds later I feel some hands on my shoulder and Padmanu asks in his heavy Korean accent "OK to give quick massage and healing?" I say "Sure!" and he then proceeds to give me a wonderful 10 minute shoulder massage. Really, really nice! Felt great. In response to my question, he said I had some energy blocks but not too bad. He said he does healing sessions at the Amma Healing Center at the seaside Ayurveda building. 700 rupees per hour (about $15). I may spring for it sometime if my inner frugal tightwad can ever relax. I'm usually pretty paranoid about spending money only on things I need. But I definitely give myself small treats. For example, a delicious piece of cake at the Indian canteen goes for about 6 rupees (15 cents). I think I can work that into my budget.

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