Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2009 08 12. Wednesday.

A few days ago one of the western teachers who works at the nearby Amma Engineering College invited me to come there and speak to some of the students who belong to Green Friends. Green Friends is an international Amma group for people who want to work to help the environment. I spoke to them briefly about the compost project and then about 10 of the Green Friends students and I made a compost pile. They want me to come there every Wednesday to work with them in building compost piles. My plan is to see if I can teach them how to do it themselves.

Went for Amma darshan before dinner. While waiting in the darshan line I realized I forgot to get Amma a gift. Usually I get Her a piece of fruit for darshan. I was debating on whether or not to leave the line, but I decided to stay. Felt a little guilty but had a nice darshan. A little later at dinner I was watching the darshan video feed. They have a camera pointed at Amma while She gives darshan and they show it on some flat screen TVs around the hall. At the end of darshan the video showed a group of Indians doing full Pada Puja (worship of the Guru's feet) for Amma. They put Amma's feet into a beautiful silver platter, then poured various offerings over them (ghee, honey, rosewater, milk and yogurt) then washed them and then fed Her various foods. It was wonderful to see. Amma kind of kept a neutral expression during the whole thing. Seemed She was just quietly absorbing the love and devotion from the devotees.

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