Friday, October 2, 2009

2009 10 02. Friday.

I rushed off for Amma darshan right after compost. I quickly showered, went to the Kali temple and got in darshan line. I borrowed 50 rupees from Nicolas to get some Amma prasad. While waiting we had a nice talk about the importance of self forgiveness. Toward the end they said no more darshan for westerners. Pooh! Oh, well. There was a big crush of people around Amma at the end, wanting to get a final hug before Amma goes on Her European tour tomorrow. The ornate wooden doors to the beautiful Kali murti (statue) were open so I offered my prasad to Her (Kali) after doing some pranams (prostrations) and mantras. In my deeper self I know Amma and the Kali murti are one and the same. Amma enlivened and awakened the Kali murti statue during its installation ceremony years ago.

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