Saturday, October 24, 2009

2009 10 24. Saturday.

I stopped by the nearby Amma Biotech College to see if they could order me some pH test strips and a soil salinity meter so I can start testing the compost. No one was in the lab room so I started asking around for the person who orders equipment. They told me to go to the Dean's office. I went there expecting to be greeted by a receptionist, but when I walked in there was no receptionist; just the dean having a meeting with some people. I felt nervous about interrupting his meeting, but he just smiled and told me to have a seat. The meeting finished in a few minutes and he waved me over. I told him what I needed and and he said he'll work on it and he gave me his business card. He was very nice.

Had a nice talk with Mukhunda at dinner. He came by to give me some items he purchased for the compost work. I want to use the items to modify the pitchforks to make it easier for the workers to use them (like those snow shovels you can get with an extender handle starting at the base). We shared about how the compost work was a good seva and that even though it seems we don't have enough people, the basic work is getting done everyday without too many problems. Its really nice to know a few Indians like Mukhunda where we can (mostly) communicate well across the cultural differences. He's got a lot of joy and a wonderful combination of delightful innocence and deep maturity. I really like how he respects that I'm a westerner and not used to the usual Indian hierarchies here. He's well loved by many.

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