Sunday, October 11, 2009

2009 10 11. Sunday.

I'm now back in the nice routine of getting up around 5:30am so I can get the morning 6am chai. After grabbing my chai, I come back to my room, do a little laundry and then do chanting, IAM technique, bhajans and meditation until about 9am. 2.5 hours of sadhana feels great! Especially when I'm riding on top of a little chai buzz. Also wonderful that this building (the 'N' building) is blissfully quiet in the mornings. Mostly westerners here and many of them also do morning sadhana same time as me.

As I'm typing this I'm delighting that my left pinkie has healed to the point where I can type with it again. Yay! I go a lot faster when I can touch type.

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