Monday, October 19, 2009

2009 10 19. Monday.

Was feeling lots of tingly bliss the whole morning while getting my chai and doing my sadhana. I often get this sensation when I feel a cool breeze on my skin. It started when a cool morning breeze moved through the big hall as we were all singing the Mahay Shasura Mardini bhajan. It continued in my room as I was feeling the breeze from the ceiling fan while doing all my chanting and meditations. Felt really wonderful!

This morning I went over to the 'S' dorm to try and find someone. I'm walking up and down the hallway looking for the right room. At the end of one of the hallways in a room kind of tucked off into a corner, with the door wide open, I see the really big fat slightly crazy Indian man laying totally nude on the floor of his small room. Yikes! What a sight. His belly rises up like a big brown humpback whale. I quickly move on; smiling and trying to scrub away the image now seared into my visual cortex. And ladies, in case you're wondering, definitely nothing to write home about. So much so that in my very short glance I couldn't fully confirm if he was indeed a male. But that most surely falls in the category of "things better left a mystery." Poor guy. I'd be a little crazy too. Apparently what he lacks there he's trying to compensate for by growing the largest belly in central Kerala. I'm guessing he'd be a real kick-ass sumo wrestler.

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