Sunday, October 4, 2009

2009 10 04. Sunday.

Saw a funny sight this morning. I was at the compost area catching up on some work when this young western lady comes by pushing a wheelbarrow full of some green waste. She asks me where to dump it and I escort her to the pile out back where we dump all the green waste. Its a hot day and she's sweating. As she dumps the waste I can clearly see thru her thin cotton blouse and pants that's she's wearing what is popularly know as "t-back" panties. That's a style of sexy underwear for those of you who may not know. (for the guys reading this, please at least finish the next sentence before you run off and do a google image search). Kerala is a very conservative, traditional part of India so I had to smile at how a Kerala man may react if he saw what I saw. Only because of Amma's grace am I now somewhat less interested in such sights.

Its interesting that here in very conservative Kerala you can sometimes see billboards of an attractive woman with an open shirt advertising a brand of bra. I'm now surprised to see such things because here at the ashram there's pretty much zero sexy images of any kind. All the women (western and Indian) dress very conservatively. In America I was used to going into any store and seeing all kinds of very provocative images on magazine covers, etc. Not to mention seeing provocatively dressed women in the warmer weather. When I'm not exposed to that anymore, its a little surprising when I do see it. For me I definitely enjoy not having that kind of stimulation around. Helps my mind stay quieter. But don't get me wrong, I'm all for individual freedom and liberal values, and I support laws that allow for people to dress in public any way they darn well please. I'm guessing that people's consciousness will slowly evolve to the point where clothing is totally optional and no one will care if people walk around nude.

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