Friday, October 16, 2009

2009 10 16. Friday.

This morning one of the persons who helps out at one of the Amma gardens came to me and complained about the plastics they were seeing in the compost we were delivering to them. I'll call this person "GP" for 'garden person'. I told GP I definitely agree its a problem and I'll try to get the compost workers (mostly Indian) to remove more of the plastics. Later that day I told this to one of the Indian senior yellow brahmacharis (YB) who helps out with compost. I told YB what GP had told me about finding lots of plastics in the compost and could he (YB) tell the Indian workers to try and remove more of the plastics? Well, to my surprise, YB starts ranting about how GP is lazy and doesn't help out like they should and on and on. It was definitely a nice little rant with some serious emotion behind it. The rant was surprising because this YB, like most of the yellows, is usually pretty cool, calm and easy going. I rarely (if ever) see them lose their cool. I just listened to the rant without commenting. When the rant was over I decided the best course of action for me would be to just drop the whole issue and let it fade away. I still tell YB to make sure we remove all the plastics we can, but I definitely don't mention GP. I also didn't tell GP about YB's rant; no reason to make waves when no wind is blowing.

Later, after all the compost work was done I was still there taking some compost pile temperatures using my new handy-dandy temperature probe. Swami Jnanamrita comes by and takes a look at what I'm doing. I touch his feet and then share with him a few moments about how I take the temperatures and how it helps us to control the quality of the compost. As I'm sharing I'm feeling good to be with him and also slightly nervous. I have a lot of respect, veneration and good feelings for Swami J so I don't feel casual around him. Kind of like how I would feel if I was having a direct conversation with Amma. I still really enjoy just looking at him; always gives me a good feeling inside. He radiates a lot of clear compassionate energy. I don't know if its true or not but I get the feeling he can can read my subtle levels and sense what's really going on inside me. If he can I'm in trouble... ( smile )

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