Saturday, October 3, 2009

2009 10 03. Saturday.

Amma left for Her European tour at around 12:30 this afternoon. She came down the steps of the Kali Temple and stepped into a beautiful large cream white Mercedes sedan and drove off with a police escort. Most of us devotees were there in the courtyard with palms pressed together delighting in catching a glimpse of Amma. The lucky ones standing on the driver's side were able to touch Amma's hand as She stuck it out the window while Her car pulled out. Happy travels Amma! We'll miss you! Many of the the western devotees at the ashram will soon leave to join Amma on tour.

I purchased a new thermos this morning. After compost I put some hot chai in it, screwed on the lid and stuck it in my shoulder bag. 5 minutes later I noticed a big wet stain on the bag. (warning! rant begins here) What's this?! The thermos leaked! Jeez! I spent the next 10 minutes in my mind cursing how many Indian made products are dreadfully poor quality and made by people who apparently don't care about making something that works properly. Grrr! (end of rant) I tossed the thermos in the trash. A few months ago I had another Indian made thermos that also turned out to have a leak. Trash.

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