Saturday, October 17, 2009

2009 10 17. Saturday.

I went to the boys computer room to download podcasts and catch up on some of my compost emails and research and there was a really weird situation going on. Some Indian lady is there loudly crying and wailing and she's surrounded by 8 or 9 of the senior ashram Indian staff. They're all looking at a computer screen which is showing the video replay of one of the ashram security cameras. Suddenly one of the staff members points to the screen and says "There!". On the screen is a black and white video of some Indian lady passing in front of the security camera. The Indian lady starts wailing even more loudly and some Indian man (her husband?) starts yelling at her and waving his arm like he's going to smack her. I'm guessing she got caught stealing or something like that. After a few more minutes of loud wailing and shouting they all move outside and continue the drama nearby. I restrained myself from asking about what happened. Doesn't involve me so I don't need to know, although a part of me was very curious to find out. My Indian friend Svayam comes in smiling, apparently amused by the whole situation.

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