Sunday, October 25, 2009

2009 10 25. Sunday.

I was really pooped today. I think its a combination of me yesterday helping a lot with loading compost onto the truck (using only my right hand, for those who may be concerned) and carefully doing some simple isometric calisthenics. I feel like my body has gone 15 hard rounds with Mike Tyson! I'm going to bed early tonight. When I'm sore like this the cold showers are a real misery.

Forgot to mention that I finished memorizing the Hanuman Chalisa about 2 months ago. Very enjoyable to sing along with my fave recording of this bhajan. I sing silently (if you've heard me "sing" you know why). For some reason my voice usually hurts when I try to sing. It may even be that when I try to sing my voice hurts as much as others people's ears. I have a feeling that's not the case. Before I was born the Lord said "You have a choice, you can either have a beautiful singing voice or be strikingly handsome." I thought for a moment while the Lord whistled a sprightly little ditty and drummed His fingers on His solid gold podium. I went for handsome for the obvious benefits. Then the Lord smacked the podium, laughed uproariously and exclaimed "Ha! You get neither! Have you seen your old karma?" Yeah. Real funny there Lord dude. However, upon later review of my karma I would say I got off pretty darn light. Who's says the Lord ain't merciful? A few minutes later I found myself (sans memory) in a small warm dark wet place with my thumb in my mouth and my knees at my chest. Just for fun I practiced my "singing" while in the womb. In hindsight, that may explain a lot of things about my "interesting" childhood. Sorry Mom. I'll make it up to you in a future life. While I was in the womb "singing" my Mom saw "Damien" and the movie terrified her way more than normal.

Wow. I went right from the 'Hanuman Chalisa' to 'Damien'. Jeez, I'm a mess. Amma! Help me!

This afternoon I went to the website. They have a nice little feature where you can email questions to Amma. After you hit 'send' it says "Amma has heard your prayers!" Cool. I sent a question to Amma asking Her to make a recording of the Hanuman Chalisa. For those who are interested (Jagadish, Sanatan, Para and Emily) could you also send that request to Amma? That will let Amma know others are interested. Would be wonderful to hear it in Amma's voice. Jai Hanumanji!

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Emily said...

I just sent Amma a prayer, on your behalf, asking for her to make a recording of the Hanuman Chalisa. Jai Ram! Jai Hanuman! Jai Amma!