Tuesday, September 1, 2009

2009 09 01. Tuesday.

Got up, had a nice dosha and sambar breakfast and then went to check in for the surgery. The receptionist said that AIMS has a policy that anyone having surgery must have a relative or friend with them. Uh-oh. Forgot about that. Then at just that moment Arun came in. Perfect timing! Arun and the receptionist talked in rapid fire Malayalam and Arun explained that he would be my bystander. Whew! I was happy cause the doctor wants me to have the surgery ASAP.

About 2 hours later I changed into the hospital clothes and they wheeled me into the operating room. About 7 doctors and nurses were there all getting ready and setting everything up. The two big circular operating room lights (3 foot diameter each) looked like some big UFOs floating right over me. I smiled and imagined some creepy bug eyed aliens getting me ready for the customary anal probe. Maybe anal probes aren't as bad as everyone says?

I then got a local anesthetic for my left arm and a mild relaxant that put me into a light sleep. Nighty-night!

Woke up groggy 2 hours later and the procedure was almost done. They finished up and then wheeled me into the post op room. I slept for another 2 or 3 hours. Finally got up and saw my cast which went down almost to my left elbow. Then I went and got dressed and the reality of the cast started to sink. Yuck! I hate being disabled! I could dress myself OK but very frustrating that it takes longer and I have to be very careful. The cast wraps over the fingers of my left hand so my range of motion is very limited. Yuck!

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