Friday, September 11, 2009

2009 09 11. Friday.

Today is Lord Krishna's Jayanthi (birthday) celebrations and there's been lots of music and processions throughout the day. It was a touch and go decision but I hemmed and hawed and decided to go to the Jyanthi program this evening after dinner. It was *very* tempting to skip it and go to right to bed to indulge in my sleep addiction. But I did a little meditation right after dinner and went to the program. Got there around 10:45pm and the stage was very nicely decorated. Soon after that some Indian lady on stage started chanting some Krishna leelas (stories) in sing-song Sanskrit. Very nice. Then an Indian man near her started doing some complex elaborate Krishna puja with lots of hand waving and flower offerings to a little statue of baby Krishna. All of this was being displayed on some large video screens in the hall. I'm guessing about 2,000 people were there. The combination of the chanting and puja totally mesmerized me! I went into this relaxed state with waves of pleasant tingling running all over my skin. Very nice.

Then Amma came on stage and led some Krishna bhajans. The last bhajan was very energetic and Amma had everyone lift their arms up to clap and wave. Looked just like from the stories of Sri Chaitanya leading a huge kirtan. Then Amma began handing out cups of sweet rice pudding prasad to each person there. There was a tight crush in the line, but Amma was handing them out pretty fast. I got mine (Thanks, Amma! and Yum!) then went off to bed. Walking back to my room I saw Swami Tuyramrita standing facing away from me and chatting with someone. I quietly swooped down, touched his right foot above the small toe, touched my heart and continued on my way. I heard him say "Namahah Shivaya" right after I touched his foot. Touching his feet is mostly my way of honoring his ocher robes (representing the death of the ego). My feeling is that Amma only authorizes full swami vows to those who have a deep realization of their true nature and a very open heart. Finally got to bed around 1:45am.

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