Sunday, September 6, 2009

2009 09 06. Sunday.

I sometimes get lazy with my Amma mantra practice but the other day it occurred to me that really practicing the mantra consistently could take me to some interesting new places in terms of my states of consciousness (but being an advaitan, I know all states of consciousness (and everything else) are just the leelas of That). That perspective makes my mantra a little more interesting. I'll know I'm starting grow on the spiritual path when my mantra gets as interesting as surfing the web. That would be a real breakthrough! (probably won"t happen anytime soon) Maybe deep and consistent mantra practice is like surfing the web, but a different kind of web. Perhaps a much more fascinating kind of web. We shall see... Maybe I'll finally get caught in Amma's web.

Tomorrow morning I go back to Amma's main hospital (AIMS) in Kochin for the doctor to take off the cast and look at my finger.

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