Saturday, September 5, 2009

2009 09 05. Saturday.

Amma has very clearly told the swamis twice to give Peter Ash whatever he needs to improve the compost project, but Peter expressed some frustration this morning that the yerbs (yellow robed brahmacharis) seem to be dragging their feet when it comes to actually getting things done. Here at the ashram and in India in general, things happen at their own mysterious pace that is often opaque to outsiders. But the the yerbs are definitely very busy getting ready for all the big events around Amma's birthday on Sept 27.

Its nice that even with 1 hand I can still feel useful and do a little work around th compost area. Felt good to be at least a little productive. I'm being REAL careful with my left hand. Definitely want it to heal OK.

We got 3 big loads of woodchips delivered to the compost area today. Wow! Now we're all set for at least a few weeks. Without the dry woodchips we wouldn't be able to make proper compost piles with enough carbon to balance all the wet food waste and soak up the moisture.

I've made a point of drinking more water and now my fingertips seem to be coming back. Yay! They were very dry and cracked for a while.

I bought some neem tree oil to put on a small cut (supposed to be a very good antiseptic). I was also told that its a very good mosquito repellent. I happened to hear one of my young eiropean neighbors complain of having to put this chemical cream on to keep away the mosquitos (he works on his computer out in the open hallway). I gave him the neem oil and told him to try it. He did and he said it works great. Neem oil is also supposed to be good for the skin. Sounds like a win-win.

Tonight after dinner we had a meeting with Swami Jnanamrita, Peter Ash, 2 of the yerbs who work at the compost area, Ben (the American wastewater treatment expert) and I. Peter outlined to Swami J all the things he wanted for the compost area. He also outlined what he wants to do to tackle the problems of burning the soft plastic (highly toxic!) and stopping the ashram sewage from going untreated into the backwaters (killing the backwaters!). Swami J basically said "Yes. Yes. Yes." to all of Peter's requests (he had to cause Amma told him to give Peter whatever he wants). Swami J then spoke to Mukhunda and Jagadan (the 2 yerbs) in rapid fire Malayalam telling them to get busy. Peter, Ben and I were very happy at how the meeting went. For me it was wonderful (as always) to be in the presence of Swami J. I could just stare into his eyes all day long. Sounds silly, I know, but its true. What to do? Amma calls me 'Advait' but I'm bhakti crazy for Swami J. Very confusing. (smile!)

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