Monday, September 21, 2009

2009 09 21. Monday.

Some of the Indians told me Amma wants to move the main Indian kitchen to the compost area in 2 to 4 months. Thus the composting will have to move. Uh oh. Will be very interesting to see where we end up. Could be better cause we could get a better roof and tool shed, along with some materials sheds that we really need.

This morning there was a Youth Ecology Conference at the big hall in the ashram with some speakers and presentations on how we can help save the environment. In the afternoon they planned some workshops and I'm in charge of the compost workshop. About 5 young people signed up. At 2pm they come out to the compost area. At the same time a truck is delivering a load of wood chips (we use a lot of wood chips when we make compost). Well, the truck gets stuck in the mud and there's a lot of confused activity to try and get it unstuck. We finally get it unstuck and then I'm distracted when they need to start loading up a big pile of compost. With all that going on it was hard to talk with the compost workshop participants. They helped out wonderfully, but I wish it hadn't been so hectic so I could have spent more time explaining how we make the compost. I was supposed to teach them a little about composting but ended up just frantically running around trying to make sure everyone was doing the right thing at the right time.

Arggg! Found out the owner of the room I'm staying in is coming soon, so I gotta move. Looks like they're gonna move me to the room right next door which will make it easy.

This afternoon during lunch I was watching the live video feed of Amma giving darshan in big hall. As usual the camera was focused on Her face. It was really delightful to see all the wonderfully animated, lively and joyful expressions continually beaming from Amma's face. I got the really strong feeling that Amma was having a total and complete blast giving darshan; totally happy doing what She most loves to do. She was definitely radiating bliss! She was also 3 hours into giving darshan with about 10 hours more to go with no breaks.

Had a very nice talk with Johann today. He's a young, very thoughtful long haired guy from Sweden. He shared about how many years ago he was a homeless drug addict in Paris listening to lots of heavy metal. He felt his life wasn't going anywhere and he described his deep hunger for purity. He said one day on the streets he felt this big shift happen inside him. He went into this very quiet place inside and his old identity as a head banging drug addict just dropped away. He no longer felt any attraction for that old lifestyle. He then began a spiritual search that led him to Amma and other spiritual teachers. It was very nice to hear him share about his pretty remarkable spiritual transformations.

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