Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2009 09 02. Wednesday.

At the hospital canteen at 5am this morning I ordered a cup of unsweetened chai. Need something to pry open my bleary eyeballs. Because I needed to catch an early morning bus back to the ashram, I gave them my big blue cup so I could go out. I was thinking they would only put the usual small serving in the cup, but to my pleasant surprise, they filled up the cup. Cool! I walked out into the dark cool early morning sipping hot chai. Yum! A few stars were still visible with the glow of dawn just beginning in the east.

I rode one of the ashram buses back to the ashram. No charge. Cool. Nice to be in my own space and do some bus ride sadhana. The bus got back quick! Only two hours. When the bus stopped and everyone got off I was real confused. It took me about 5 minutes before I recognized we were back at the ashram. Went back to my room and unpacked.

No Indian breakfast this morning! Its the Onam holiday so they canceled it. Grrr! I went to the Western Canteen and got something there. LOTS of people here at the ashram because of the holiday. Really crowded. What is Onam about? Have no clue. Apparently one thing its about is playing lots of loud music all day long.

The crush at dinner was intense. Jam packed! I had to make like a pro football running back to bust thru a line of young Indians who refused to let me through. They just laughed at my silly antics. I smiled back. It was kind of fun. I lost some of my precious uttapam in the process. A sad and sordid scene.

With this cast on my arm, my blog entries will likely get shorter for a while.

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