Tuesday, September 22, 2009

2009 09 22. Tuesday.

At the usual Tuesday satsang Amma didn't arrive till noon. Usually She's there by 11am or so. We waited a long time and I tried to stay with my mantra while waiting. The hall was very packed but very quiet. After Amma started speaking, the old Indian man sitting next to me moved his chair so one edge of it pressed into my shoulder. I told him to please move his chair but he just waved his hand as if to say "Your problem, you deal with it." I then pushed his chair away and waved my hand at him. I felt good that I pushed his chair away but was annoyed with myself for then waving my hand at him. That wasn't necessary.

One of things we're doing with the compost is making it dryer so it doesn't smell when we turn it. We make it dryer by adding more wood chips. I saw that one of the bins was a little too wet so I told them to add more chips. This one young western man (Kandre from Denmark) really over-reacted! He started to say in a loud voice "More wood chips! More! More!" He wouldn't stop. I tried to calmly tell him why Peter wanted it dryer but he kept on and on with "More wood chips!" Jeez. Very frustrating, but I didn't say anything more. Guy must have a lot of anger inside. Made me want to quit the whole compost thing and just go back to America until my own room is ready (should be built in a year or so).

After the compost work I got Erhard to help me move to the room next door. With his help it was very easy. We got done in about 1.5 hours. As I was going to sleep the older Indian couple (my new neighbors) kept talking loudly. I finally had to ask them to be quiet as there is not much sound insulation between the rooms. The old man frowned at me but they did quiet down.

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