Tuesday, September 8, 2009

2009 09 08. Tuesday.

2009 09 08. Tuesday.

At 5am some local temple started blaring recorded music. Arggg! I should have remembered this from the last time I stayed in this lodge back in 2006. I jammed in some foam earplugs and that helped a little. After I help get the ashram to be more green and eco-friendly, I plan to start a nationwide campaign in India to enact 'disturbing the peace' laws. Well, I can always dream....

I went to the Amma dental college here this morning to get a quick flossing done (can't floss with this cast on). Two different dentists looked at my teeth and said flossing is not needed as long as I keep using the interdental toothbrush every day. Both also said that the gum inflammation that was dogging me for years has finally cleared up. Yay! When that inflammation was happening I was in fear of my teeth rotting and falling out. I started using interdental brushes about 9 months ago and I think they're largely responsible for my gums finally healing. Definitely get them and use them if you have any gum problems. Nothing else worked for me.

I saw some young Indian guy walking around in the hot morning sun dressed in tight dark jeans and - get this - some high top leather boots! Ouch! What masochist would wear leather boots in this kind of steamy hot climate?! I sweated just looking at the guy.

Then went back to the internet cafe and pounded out some more blog entries, my left hand holding a pen to help tap on the keys. Takes longer, but not too bad. Gotta keep my readers happy!

My splint arrived today right on time! 3pm just like the guy said it would. Very very surprising for India. The guy wanted to leave before I could try it on but I stopped him. Tried it on and the fit was pretty good. A little tight in one spot but not too bad. Total cost of this custom made padded thermoplastic velcro splint came to 390 rupees; about $8. In the states it would have been about $300 I'm guessing.

I went back to the hotel to register for 1 more night and to move across the hall opposite the local temple that blares the 5am music. Hopefully a little quieter on that side.

Grabbed a little late lunch at the main canteen which is all vegetarian. They actually have a non-veg canteen hidden away a little farther back. Being a vegetarian I think its cool to be in a country where the meat eaters are hidden away a little bit from the rest. Makes it seem slightly shameful. Cool. (smile)

Went to see Dr. Iyer before leaving. He said the splint is good and I can get the stitches removed in 10 days at the ashram medical center. Cool! Saves me a trip back to AIMS. Dr. Iyer wants to see me in 2 weeks so I'll come back then.

Then went back to the internet cafe and got all caught up with all the blog entries and the backlogged emails. Felt good to get everything done!

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