Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2009 09 29. Tuesday.

I've been meaning to ask Amma at the Tuesday satsangs about what She means by awakening. At the satsang today She responded to a question from someone else and in part of Her answer She spoke about what it means to awaken. Yay! My question got answered. Amma said that one aspect of being awakened is living with constant remembrance of who we are as That, Brahman, the Self or Pure Consciousness. Amma said when that knowledge is effortlessly with you all the time, that's a sign you're in an awakened state.

At Mukhunda's request I wrote up a little note for Amma saying that the birthday compost went well (because of Amma's grace) and could we hire some workers to help with the compost work? He told me to meet him at the Kali temple after Amma prasad lunch. When I went to the Kali temple Mukhunda wasn't there so I went back to the compost work. Jagadan (another yellow brahmachari) told me to go back and show it to Amma. So I shrugged and went back to the temple wondering how I was going to get the note to Amma. Usually they're careful about letting people close to Amma. I showed the note to one of the Indian men managing the darshan line. He just told me to wait, so I sat down and waited; enjoying being near Amma and chanting my mantra. Finally, as the darshan line was finishing he waved me to come forward. He took me close to Amma and read the note to Her. Amma flashed me a big smile, spoke a few words to the man and returned to giving hugs to the last few people in line. The man turned to me and said "Amma says 'No' to hiring workers." I was a little disappointed but figured that with Amma's grace we'd get all the work done somehow. (As I'm writing this a few weeks later the work is getting done pretty well with the volunteer workers. The food waste is a lot less with Amma now gone on tour as of 10/3/09.)

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