Friday, September 25, 2009

2009 09 25. Friday.

Looked outside my window this morning to the small field where they tie up some of the cows. I saw one of the calves chewing on some laundry that had been hung out to dry. Someone is gonna be pissed!

I met Kandre at the compost area this morning and we had a relaxed talk about upcoming compost plans. He seems to have a lot of anger that's just waiting for an excuse to come out, so when I talk with him I try to be extra relaxed and easy going. Good practice.

Saw a really small baby scorpion crawling on one of the walls in my room. Jeez! Scary. First time I've seen a scorpion in the wild. I squashed the little guy and said a little prayer for it to have a good rebirth (hopefully somewhere else and as something else). I have to accept the karma of killing it but scorpions in my room is where I draw the line, thank you very much. I kill mosquitoes all the time so maybe killing one tiny scorpion won't add too much to my slowly composting pile of old karma.

Went to the last part of the Amma bhajans tonight. Always very inspiring to see Her on stage filling the whole hall with amazing devotion and grace. Watching Her, I really felt how She was all about giving, giving and giving some more.

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