Wednesday, September 16, 2009

2009 09 16. Wednesday.

We saw Peter off this morning at around 8am. He's heading back to San Diego and says he'll be back in early December. He said he's on a limited budget so its really inspiring to see how much commitment he has to the compost project here. He has to travel on his own dime and it also costs about $100/month just for basic room and board here, in addition to all the miscellaneous expenses.

Past few days had some nice talks with Erhard from Austria. A very nice young guy. He's a fan of Byron Katie and Eckhart Tolle. We had some nice talks about their teachings and advaita. Its cool that I can meet and share with a few other people who are as interested in this whole advaita thing as I am. It seems to me there's more and more people having some kind of advaitic awakenings. I like hearing how different people describe their advaita experiences.

Both Ram and Lakshmi (the 2 elephants who're kept in the compost area) were acting up today. Ram was throwing palm branches at one of the workers and Lakshmi kind of lunged at me (scary!) when I walked by her at some point. First time I saw that kind of behavior from either of them in the compost area. I found out later that their handlers (called 'mahouts') had left and gone across the backwaters for something. Maybe the elephants sensed they were gone. Both elephants are chained up with very strong chains, so no real danger (I hope). Later the mahouts said that they'll stay near the elephants when we're doing compost work.

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